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Flappy Dog Toys wins 2009 Pet Product News "Editors' Choice"

award AND 2009 Dog Fancy "Editors' Choice" award!!Team Flappy Dog

Flappy® Dog Toys has been named a winner of a 2009 Pet Product News "Editors’ Choice" Award and a 2009 Dog Fancy "Editors' Choice" award. Pet Product News reserves this prestigious honor for only the best new products that help promote the health, safety, comfort and enjoyment of pets. Dog Fancy searches far and wide for the best new dog products on which to bestow their award, and we're so happy to have won both awards that we could just piddle right here on the floor! We're proud of these awards and we'd like to invite you to try Flappy Dog Toys for yourself and see why "Flappy dogs are Happy dogs!"


We take play seriously!

Flappy® is a premium brand of the OurPet's Company. Founded in 1995 by Dr. Steve Tsengas, the OurPet's Company is dedicated to promoting pet health, well-being and owner & pet interaction. Our headquarters is located in Fairport Harbor, Ohio and our company is publicly held, traded on the OTCBB under the ticker symbol: OPCO. On any given day you can find our associate's pets roaming the office halls as we strive to provide our customers the best service, the best products and the most unique and inventive solutions to foster the bond between pet and human. 

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