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Spotlight 2009

December's Spotlight FlappyDog - Roxy

I am so happy we found Flappy!

Roxy is from the MD SPCA...she is a wacky puppy!  SHE IS FLIPPY over FLAPPY! Thank you!!
-Joanne and Roxy

 Maryland, USA


November's Spotlight FlappyDog - Cody

Happy birthday to me!

It was Cody's birthday, and my friend bought him a present and when he opened it it was a Flossy Flappy! Since the time he opened it he wont stop playing with it!
-Kenneth and Cody

 Florida, USA

Spotlight FlappyDog - Maggie

She loves her Flappy toys!

We adopted Maggie on 7-13-09 from the Humane Society.  She is such a joy.  I have been trying to find toys that she enjoys .. the Floaty Flappy is definitely her most favorite.
-Renee and Maggie

 Wisconsin, USA

  September'sSpotlight FlappyDog - Brady

Brady loves Flappy!

A retrieving hound by nature, Brady adores his Floatie Flappy and brings it everywhere we go. Solo play or tug with his favorite dog, the Flappy is his favorite toy.
-Elizabeth and Brady

 California, USA

Spotlight FlappyDog - Flash

Flash loves his Flappy!

Flash is a rescue dog that we have had for about a month.  The first toy that he got was his Ruffy Flappy.  He has both the Ruffy and the Floatie. He loves to play fetch in our yard with Floatie.
-Megan and Flash
 Maryland, USA

Spotlight FlappyDog - Ringo

Winner of our June contest!

Ringo is one Flappy-happy Aussiedoodle pup! He goes from relaxing to running with his Fleecie!!
-Diane and Ringo
 Vermont, USA