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We know you love your dog, and wouldn't you love to see your dog become a Spotlight FlappyDog? Take some cute pictures of your dog playing with Flappy (or upload a video to YouTube and send us the link). If your dog becomes a Spotlight FlappyDog, you'll have bragging rights for an entire month, plus we'll send you some more Flappy toys for you and your dog to play with. Tell us what cute things they do with Flappy, or let us know what tricks you use to keep your dog happy and playful. We want to become a destination for dog lovers, so check back often for updates to the site; we'd love to see you again!

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myFlappyDog Spotlight 2010

September's Spotlight FlappyDog - Brusier

Bruiser with Flappy dog toyStands up to Bruiser!

I may be small, but I'm a bruiser!  Fleecie Flappy has stood up to me, and that's no small feat!
-Yalanda and Bruiser

 Ohio, USA

August's Spotlight FlappyDog - Rudi

Rudi with Flappy dog toyStar-spangled dog!

Rudi cannot get enough of his Flappy! Rudi recently underwent surgery and we bought him a Flappy afterwards to cuddle with. He loves it so much and always wants to be with it!
-Vijai and Smitha

 Virginia, USA

July's Spotlight FlappyDog - Olive

Olive with Flappy dog toySize doesn't matter!

Even though her Flappy is bigger than her, Olive runs through the house with the whole thing in her mouth!
-Laura and Olive

 California, USA

June's Spotlight FlappyDog - Mandy

Mandy with Flappy dog toyFlappy and me!

Mandy just turned 1! Her gift? A Flappy friend!
-Linda and Mandy

 New York, USA



May's Spotlight FlappyDog - Akeelah

Akeelah with Flappy dog toyWe're all HAPPY for FLAPPY!

The Fluffy Flappy was Akeelah's first toy, and it's still her favorite! With two ridgebacks in the house, toys generally have a short life span - I can't believe how tough this little toy is!
-Laura and Akeelah

 Ontario, Canada

April's Spotlight FlappyDog - Yeti

yeti with Flappy dog toyAnother Flappy lover!

Yeti LOVES his Flossy Flappy and hates to be without it!
-Jennifer and Yeti

 California, USA


March's Spotlight FlappyDog - Lucy

I picked it out!

Lucy's never pulled anything off the shelf until she came across her Flappy. Lucy proudly brought her new toy up to the register and her Flappy is now her favorite toy!
-Michael and Lucy

 Michigan, USA

February's Spotlight FlappyDog - Tanner

It's just like me!

Tanner loves his Ruffy Flappy!  It's tough, just like him!
-Taylor and Tanner

 Georgia, USA


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