Flappy FAQs

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Q. Does Flappy have a guarantee?

A: We guarantee that your Flappy will be free from defects due to faulty materials or workmanship. The warrant period is for thirty (30) days from the date of purchase. The guarantee does not include issues caused by improper use or defects caused by common wear and tear through usage and play.


Q. Is Flappy indestructible?

A: No dog toy is indestructible. Therefore it is very important that you supervise your dog's use of Flappy and any other dog toys. It's a good idea to periodically inspect your dog's toys for tears, rips and loose pieces. If your Flappy or any other toy has developed tears or has pieces loose, take it away from your dog and replace it immediately.

Remember, your dog's health, well-being and safety is your responsibility.

Q. Can I wash Flappy?

A: Ruffy, Fluffy, Fleecie and Flossy can be machine washed; Floatie should be hand washed because of its rubber core. All Flappy toys should be air dried.

All Flappy toys should be air dried (especially after using Floatie in water) to prevent the growth of mold. Molding is an issue that is beyond our control.  The conditions of the water has much to do with mold growth.  Pool water is great for inhibiting mold growth, a farm pond is a breeding ground for mold.


Q. What's up with the name? Why Flappy?

A: We named the toy Flappy because that's what it is - flappy! We heard from a lot of dog owners that their dogs loved "flappy" toys, so that's what we called it. A dog's instinct kicks in when they play with Flappy because the flaps simulate the mouthfeel of caught prey. To retrievers, the flaps feel like the legs and wings of a bird. Same for terriers, but to them, it feels like a rodent. Flappy is great fun for all dogs, and like we say, "We make 'em for dogs to shake 'em."


Q. What if I have to return a Flappy?

A: We are committed to your satisfaction and we want you to be happy with your Flappy purchase.  We will do our absolute best to resolve any performance issues but we cannot accept returns or refund purchases of our products made at retail stores.  All returns and refunds must go through the store, website or catalog from which you purchased Flappy and are subject to their return and refund policy.