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Flappy Dog Toys appeal to dogs on many levels. For some dogs, it satisfies their instinct to hunt and retrieve because the flaps hanging from his mouth simulate the mouthfeel of prey. It's also a great toy for sporting dogs who live for fetching and retrieving. Flappy is just as fun for at-home dogs, who can vent pent-up energy by shaking Flappy (remember, "We make 'em for dogs to shake 'em!) and by playing with their human pet parents.


Each Flappy family features vibrant colors, unique fabrics for different activities, features like squeakers, a rubber core or crinkle fabric, and come in a size for every dog (small, medium, large and extra-large). Every dog has his day, and a Flappy that's right for him!


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Flappy Testimonial I love my Flappy!

Juno will play with it for hours. She takes it with her when we exit the house for walks...she can't leave it home! It's like her Linus blankie.
-Suzie Que
 Orlando, Florida USA

Flappy Testimonial ZuZu does the head shake all day long!

ZuZu is crazy for his Fleecie Flappy toy. He takes it to bed with him.
-Larry Sanders
 Topeka, Kansas USA


Flappy Testimonial Minkie's Floatie Flappy has been down the river and back!

Minkie takes his Floatie to the lake.
-Bertie Simpson
 Sioux Falls, South Dakota USA